WebSlinger: Year One

Mild-mannered computer geek by day, Web Hero by night

(or is that the other way around?)

WebSlinger is here to safely guide you through the World Wide Web.

But WebSlinger isn't alone in his never-ending quest. WebSlinger draws upon the vast resources of the Web to show you the power, the flexibility, and the usefulness of the Internet. His sidekicks include:

Yahoo Lycos Magellan

These mighty helpers sort, organize, and search the millions of pages of information on the Web so that WebSlinger can bring you the answers you need.

In this episode, we find our hero helping Joe Average move from New York City to California...

Joe is sick of New York. He's sick of the cold. Joe wants to move someplace warm. And to make matters worse, he is five cents short of being able to buy his daily copy of the New York Times. WebSlinger rushes to the rescue, first showing Joe to two great news stands on the Web, Enews and Pathfinder.

Looking at the Weather Channel site, Joe notices that the weather in southern California is much warmer than in New York. Webslinger points Joe to City Net to show him how to gather information on cities around the world. Joe decides to move to Santa Cruz, California.

Now Joe needs to find a place to live. WebSlinger directs Joe to Rental Report and Area Online,two sites that show real estate listings around the country. Joe picks a house but isn't sure of the zip code in Santa Cruz. WebSlinger takes Joe to the National Address Server. This site accepts Joe's partial address and fill in the blanks.
This information is also available at the Post Office.

Next, Joe needs to find a new job in California. Industry Net tells Joe about corporations in the Santa Cruz area and possible job opportunities. Planning ahead, Joe also checks out area colleges, just in case he decides to take a few classes. And, because he's a thorough Web Hero, WebSlinger tells Joe just how far away from New York he'll be moving.

Joe wants to pick up a new car for his trip but has no time to shop around, so WebSlinger takes him to Dealer Net and Autoscape,where Joe can price the newest models and find dealerships around the country.

Joe decides to ship his mortgage papers via FedEx. WebSlinger takes Joe to the FedEx site and shows him how to track his FedEx package by entering the tracking number. Joe sees exactly when it reached California, and who signed for it.

Joe gets settled in Santa Cruz. Thanks to WebSlinger, he's found a home, job, college, and car on the Web and sits back to relax. He checks the TV listings, buys some CDs, reads a book, and checks the show times at his local movie theatre.

Whew. Joe did all of that on the Web. As he waves WebSlinger goodbye, Joe realizes he's hungry.
Could he possibly order a pizza on the Web? Joe decides to call WebSlinger tonight to ask.

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The Adventures of WebSlinger is written by Kenny Neal.
© 1996 by Richard K. Neal. All rights reserved.