Somewhere in Alaska: She could be manipulative.

Julie could be manipulative.

One of the favorite things to do on a nice day was to set-up Kiki on the sidewalk selling lemonade to tourists. Kiki's natural outgoing charm (and yes, her handicap) made for a nice take by the end of the day. Behind the scenes Julie ran the show.

It was real cute, but she was using Kiki's handicap to manipulate people. Hell, she admitted as much. But in fairness, the lemonade stand gave Kiki something to do, she obviously loved the attention and tourist dollars are tourist dollars: get 'em while you can.

On Saturday Julie and Carl graciously hosted a cook-out for their friends and ourselves. We were relaxed and more than ready to perform. There was good 'buzz' about the gig. Supposedly, the whole town would be there ready to let loose.

The news came late in the afternoon, only a couple hours before we were to head over to the Community Center: the halibut were running.

It was the worst possible news.

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