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The Assassins

A killer rock and roll band, The Assassins played the
U.S. Mid-Atlantc region from 1986-1991.

The Assassins; circa 1989

The Assassins, a crack six-piece rock and roll, rhythm and blues and blues band, originated as a part-time "all-star" effort in the mid 1980's. Former Nighthawks guitarist, now successful solo Blues artist Jimmy Thackery was a founding member.

In 1986, the band became a full-time job. In its early days the group was known as Jimmy Thackery and the Assassins, in order to capitalize on the name recognition Jimmy had achieved after fourteen years of solid touring with the Nighthawks.

The Assassins was by no means a one-man show however. The above-pictured group was a powerful, veteran ensemble whose professional musical experience exceeded 120 years. Singer Tommy Lepson in fact, is acknowledged in hometown Washington D.C. as one of Soul music's premier singers, anywhere, period.

The full-time band had been playing for three years when this photo was taken. The group had made a name for itself up and down the U.S. East Coast and released the critically acclaimed Cut Me Loose. This collection of ten original rock'n'roll, R&B and Blues songs propelled the band to some small-scale national attention, and a 1989 Washington Area Music Association (WAMA) "Wammie" award for best blues artist/group.

Personnel (from left) are: Brian Alpert (drums), Jimmy Thackery (lead guitar, vocals), Wade Matthews (bass, vocals), Tommy Lepson (lead vocals, guitar, keyboard), Bruce Harrison (keyboards, vocals) and Alex Holland (saxophones, vocals).

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