Big Slabs of Beef

   Yes indeedy, that's what those are: Big Slabs of Beef. Hanging in the walk-in freezer, the one in the original store, the one with no emergency door release on the inside, should anyone have been just unlucky enough . . .

   But, we're pretty sure that never happened. The opportunity for made-for-TV drama was lost forever in the new store, where the walk-in did feature those compulsory safety features. Details, details.

   Also gone with the advent of the new store (after 1980) was the full-time butcher who carved those Big Slabs of Beef. With the deemphasis on groceries, and interestingly, the declining quality of the available supply (Remember the great 1970's meat shortage?), freshly butchered beef was a less practical option.

   So there was no freshly-butchered meat. The new store did, however, have one hell of a pickle barrel!

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