selling corn

     Selling the Sweet Stuff

   Super Garden was reknowned for featuring locally grown produce, generously displayed out front, inside, in the trunk of the car, wherever. Well, the trunk of the car is stretching it, but only slightly.

   Aaron or I would take the family car out to Potomac Farms, an organic family farm. We'd load up every inch of the car with fresh corn, tomatoes, peaches and melons. Driving back, the '64 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 looked like a lo-rider, just clearing the highway!

   The above photo appeared in a local newspaper. Aaron sings the praises of an ear of sweet white corn, appropriately named "Sugar Queen." The obviously-impressed shopper soaks up the sales pitch, while Mike the barber (a regular fixture whose shop was just a few down) looks on with, photographer-induced interest.

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