Sitting Ducks' final mailer Bands on the nightclub circuit
frequently engage in direct mail as a means of encouraging their fans to attend their irregularly-scheduled appearances. It is a simple matter to sign up for a band's mailing list, which results in a postcard such as the one show here, arriving monthly or perhaps semi-annually.

This particular card (from December 1981) announces Sitting Ducks' collective decision to disband.

After three years the band had achieved a modest regional success, but as the band members grew personally (bassist Peter Spaar had acquired a taste for classical music and is today a member of "Central Virginia's award-winning Richmond Symphony") it became ever clearer that as fun as it was (including playing some of the greatest music ever created), our growth as a business unit had stalled, and with it, our enthusiasm for continuing.

Even I, the band's young turk, had begun to realize that hat or no hat, I was not Gene Krupa, and in fact, was interested in learning a wider variety of music.

The text of our 'goodbye' message is available for a closer look (48K). The message was written by our good friend and manager, Bo Kirchner, and reflects his gracious and professional style, as well as the fact that the band's breakup was a cordial affair, the culmination of three year's hard work and many lessons learned.