The Deli: Home of the Chuckburger

Here is the little gold mine that would save Super Garden from becoming an historical footnote of the bygone era of independent grocers. The picture at left was taken in the late '70's. Smiling behind the counter is Lee Russell, who would (in this order) date and marry my Stepsister Marcia, work in the Store as manager then co-owner for 13 years, hire his brother Bill to co-manage, successfully negotiate with real estate developer Oliver Carr the purchase of the remaining eight years of the store's lease, and ultimately preside over the dismantling and closing of the business in 1989. The closing was a bittersweet community event, which garnered its share of media attention.

A couple other noteworthy details lurk in this photo. First is the abundant display of hand-lettered signs, a trademark of sorts which carried forth from the earilest days to the last. Aaron so enjoyed painting them he ultimately developed his skills to become a prolific, skilled oil painter, even going so far as to win multiple blue ribbons for oil painting at consecutive Prince William County (Virginia) Fairs. At age 88 and 89 no less!

Second is the display of truly excellent Kosher hot dogs and Half-smoked sausages a.k.a. "half-smokes" on the far right.

P.S. - The "Chuckburger" was one quarter-pound of ground chuck, marinated richly through with fresh garlic. At the time, such a large (and pungent!) burger was unusual, a real selling point.

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