kosher dogs and half-smokes

Detail from 'The Deli'

Half-smokes. Or, as they are more formally know, half-smoked sausages. According to my Brother-in-Law, proprieter Lee Russell:

"So—half smokes. Yes, I know there are those who equate half smokes with gastronomical orgasm. They are quite good—especially if they are of high quality and are very fresh. The ones with which I was most familiar are the ones we sold in the store—they were made by Esskay in Baltimore. They truly were outstanding—we sold the hell out of them. The primary ingredient is pork, followed by beef, at least in that brand (the proper name for half smokes is "half-smoked sausages"). I believe half smokes are primarily a regional delicacy of the south and mid-Atlantic, basically unknown in the north and west."

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